Virtual Counselling

Virtual Counselling (Online Therapy)

As the world is changing and the ability to come in for in-person counselling sessions is not always possible, counselling services have evolved to meet these changing needs. Virtual sessions are done via a secure platform and can be used with the video future either on or off. Therapists have noticed an increase in patients seeking help using this medium. Many clients are wondering if virtual counselling is effective – not only is virtual therapy as effective as in-person sessions, but there are many added benefits. Virtual sessions offer the benefit of convenience while you can enjoy sessions from the comfort of your own home, it allows access to individuals who do not have reliable transportation or childcare, who are not feeling well enough to leave their home, or comfortable being in an enclosed space with another person, as well as for those who are juggling working from home and other responsibilities and for clients who need greater flexibility to meet their schedule. Please contact me if you have any questions.