Relationship Counselling

Is your relationship or marriage struggling?

Too often couples wait for a complete breakdown of their relationship before getting help. Don’t wait for your relationship to be at its end before getting the support you need. Statistics continue to show the increasing number of divorces in our society, which tells us that all couples, even those that feel satisfied in their relationship, would benefit from putting in that extra effort to keep their marriage strong.

Why is it that some couples can stay happily together and others loose their way? Studies show that learning to fight right, practice repair attempts, create friendship, increase positive interactions, and decrease the interactions that most commonly lead to separation, can increase the quality of relationships.

The sooner a couple sees a couple’s counsellor, the increased likelihood that they will be able to turn their relationship around. I help couples identify their patterns and negative habits, and help them to make better choices so that their relationship can flourish. We give couples the tools they need to feel closer and healthier. Couples are amazed at how quickly a small change can help increase the quality of their relationship. People want to feel heard and understood while having their unmet needs acknowledged. Couples counselling enables couples to become unstuck from negative and unpleasant interactions and helps enrich relationships.

Additional support in:

  • Increasing positive communication.
  • Mediation and conflict resolution.
  • Over-coming negative interaction patterns
  • Building trust.
  • Over-coming grid locked issues.
  • Healing from past hurts
  • Creating shared hopes and dreams for the future.
  • Learning prove, practical and effective strategies for making relationships work.

Support through divorce or separation

If your goal is to separate, we provide a safe, compassionate space to help you explore and navigate this process while also coping with the multitude of changes linked to this separation.

To find out more about your relationship, feel free to take the following quizzes courtesy of the Gottman Institute.