Child Counselling

Is your child experiencing emotional distress?

Are you concerned about some of your child’s behaviors?

Together with the family, we work with children to support them through any difficulties they are having. Through a systematic approach we help address family dynamics, explore the parent-child relationship, and the home environment to help your child overcome their challenges and build life skills to thrive emotionally, socially and academically. My goal is to boost emotional resilience and improve overall social-emotional development for your child.

Children who are suffering from anxiety and other mood disorders benefit from working with a gentle professional that can provide them with skills to help overcome their worries and other feelings. Normalizing their feelings, offering them validation, and then giving them the language they need to manage their feelings is invaluable for children who are suffering from these increasingly prevalent mental health issues. Parents are also taught the tools and language needed to support their children at home. Children often feel calm and refreshed, and armed with practical exercises they can use at home or school.

If you feel as though your child is exhibiting behaviours that make it difficult for them to manage their impulses, are having a difficult time concentrating, exhibiting defiant behaviour, displaying low-self esteem and/or having a hard time managing their emotions, we can help. Working first with the family, then the child, we will introduce evidence based tools to help the family manage these concerns with age-appropriate techniques. Children who also have a diagnosis of ADHD or ODD, and their families, would benefit from this approach as well.