Workplace Wellness Workshops

Workplace Wellness Workshops (WWW)

Show your team that you value their mental health and self care by having a skilled, empathetic and experienced professional connect with your team. Workshop sizes can vary from small to big groups and from in-person to virtual. Workshops have a psycho-educational format which means that relevant and helpful strategies and information are taught, while also creating a safe space for participants to share their thoughts.


While employees can access their extended benefits or EAP programs for extra support – the reality is that many don’t. And although periodic emails reminding staff to reach out for support, or encouraging them to practice self-care is helpful, it’s often just not enough. Bringing in a trained professional to connect with your team and offer them strategies they can start using right away is the best way to ensure that team morale and productivity remains high.

What are Wellness Workshops?

Wellness Workshops are a series of workshop presentations delivered to your employees in your workplace or virtually. Workshops formats vary from one hour workshops to all day team building. Evidence based information and practices are presented to promote a healthier lifestyle for employees.


Workshops can be geared towards the employers and employee’s specific needs or can be chosen from the following selection:


–  Stress Management: This workshop offers strategies for stress and time management by teaching participants how thoughts create feelings, reframing, self-soothing strategies (breathing and mindfulness) as well as dealing with uncertain times.


– Covid fatigue: This workshop is geared towards supporting participants in caring for their mental health and self care during the pandemic. We look at normalizing the feelings people have during this time and looking at important strategies that we need to put into place to ensure self care is in place, sleep hygiene is managed and other proven tools to improve function during this time. Signs and symptoms of burnout are also discussed.


– Returning to the Office: with plans to return to the office and hybrid schedules, employees are struggling to adjust. This workshop addresses these challenges while providing tools to cope, learning how to shift your mindset, incorporating physical movement and making intentional positive changes in their environment.       

– Communication Training – Communication is the first step towards developing teamwork and innovation. This workshop aids in providing participants with training needed to become an active listener and effective communicator. The participant will also learn how to use these new skills to improve team environments, build support, and foster creativity.


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