Family Counselling

Are you experiencing family conflict?

Do you disagree with your spouse/partner’s lifestyle and parenting approach?

Do you and your spouse/partner share similar family goals and priorities?

Family counselling with a skilled, independent, third party can often provide an opportunity for all family members to be heard in a safe, non-threatening manner. Learning skills for family meetings, establishing family rules, and consistent follow through are invaluable for family success. Family’s often report that having a facilitator present has allowed them to move forward in ways that they have struggled to in the past.

The diversity and complexity of families requires specialized knowledge, experience and skills to address family dynamics, patterns, and systemic issues. Through our work together, we will address family issues, communication patterns, and interactions between family members. Counselling is especially helpful when significant changes, stressors, or relationship patterns are causing distress to the family system. Often families find that counselling is beneficial and can strengthen family relationships and functioning.

Parenting Support

Parenting can be one of the best decisions we ever made, and sometimes the most challenging. Every parent struggles from time to time. Reaching out for support in regards to behavioural management, increasing your child’s self-esteem, strengthening attachment, positive discipline, and aligning parenting skills with our partner’s, will provide your child with the foundation to be well adjusted  young adults. Learning how to collect and influence your child will help enhance your relationship with them and in turn give you the authority you need to parent them effectively. We have over 20 years of experience in parenting support through community agencies. We bring extensive resources and tried and true approaches to help your family work towards being the best versions of themselves.