Clinical Supervisor

Clinical Supervision for Professionals

Supervision is an important part of professional practice for credentialed therapists seeking ongoing development and support, as well as for credentialing therapists and students who may need supervision to complete their training.

Effective clinical supervision enables the therapist or pre-professional to strengthen and grow from their work.  Working as a therapist can be incredibly meaningful and fulfilling but in isolation and with inadequate training or support, can also be overwhelming and lead to secondary trauma or burn out.  

Clinical supervision provides an opportunity for therapists to:

·        Develop knowledge and skills competence

·        Reflect and receive feedback on the content and process of their work

·        Explore ethical implications and associated work dilemmas

·        Discuss individual cases in depth

·        Change or modify their practice and identify training and continuing development needs

·        Explore their own personal and emotional reactions to their work

·        Reduce burnout, compassion fatigue, or vicarious traumatization

Naushina Kiely has over 20 years experience as a counsellor. During her years as a therapist she has had the privilege of providing clinical supervision both one on one and in group format – and currently manages the One Oak Team. If you are a counsellor looking for supervision please reach out for a consultation to see if she can be a good fit for you.