How Programs Can Be Used to Help Improve Self-Esteem

It’s no surprise that an increase in self-esteem leads to an overall better outlook on life. You’ve probably heard about the positive results of joining various programs geared at improving self-esteem. Here’s a few things to consider before taking the next step into joining a program geared to this.



Why a program


Low self-esteem can be so ingrained in our minds, sometimes we’re unable to recollect why we feel so insecure. Having low self-esteem can originate from experiences such as trauma, neglect, or abuse or can be a result if your own interpretation of your life experiences. This feeling can be so deeply rooted into our personality; it can become a part of us and then find yourself  labeling yourself as “shy” or “introverted.”


The feeling can also be a result of other mental health issues like depression and/or anxiety.


External forces can easily make you feel like you’ve lost control. You might think everyone is against your opinions, so you try to keep everything to yourself. Feeling like a victim is a common symptom of low self-esteem, which can make you feel like you’re constantly losing more and more control.


Can programs help boost your self-esteem?


Whether it be individual counselling sessions or group sessions, speaking with others can help. The most effective programs help you overcome the victim mentality. Self-esteem programs can also help you gain back the control you feel you might have lost.


It can be intimidating at first, but joining a support group can help you rebuild your self-esteem. You may initially begin comparing yourself to others. This might even be a part of the reason why you have low self-esteem.


The big benefit of joining a program like support groups is that they can broaden your perspective. For example, you could be comparing yourself to the successful woman sitting next to you. This is normal, but later in the group session you might find out she’s currently going through a messy divorce.


You might find out that someone has something you want – something you’ve dreamed of. But the same person you envy could be lacking self-esteem, for a completely different reason that wouldn’t even affect you.


Speaking with others and keeping positive people around you can help rebuild your confidence. Self-esteem is built around your own opinion, and the positive things others say can help you overcome worries. Compliments, kind words, and overall positive can be found in both group sessions and individual programs.


So, what should you do now?



What you need to do before seeking help


Before getting into a program, you’ll need to try reframing the way you think about things. You might think that self-esteem programs don’t work. If you go into a program believing that it won’t work, then chances are you’re right, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.


This also includes doing a brief audit of what you read, watch, and listen to. If you are constantly reading and watching things that make your confidence drop, then try cutting those out. This might even include aspects of social media, like updates shared by your friends.


The difficult part about getting self-esteem programs to work is that they are only effective when we believe they will work. We often underestimate how powerful our mindset can be, especially when we are skeptical. Your own expectations will determine how effective a self-esteem program can be.


There is absolutely no rush in joining a program. Take your time and take baby steps towards the next milestone. Do what you’re most comfortable with. You can speak to your best friend about how you feel, or even your parents. You don’t need to do everything all at once. Continue doing whatever works for you. Once you’re comfortable, you can consider joining a program to help boost your self-esteem.


Suffering from poor self-esteem isn’t easy to get over. Keep building your own strength. Even the most charismatic people you know may suffer from low self-esteem some days. Before thinking about getting into a program, there are a wide range of simple things you can do to boost your confidence.


When you feel that the time is right, you can then start looking for confidence building programs.



Where you can find programs


Start with the resources you currently have access to. It might not be apparent at first, but you can find self-esteem programs in various places. Your ideal program can come from your  teachers, mentors, youth workers, or even large companies.


For example if you are currently in school, then your school might offer free extracurricular programs. Joining your school’s Toastmaster’s Club can help you overcome your low confidence in public speaking. You might also find solace in joining a movie club, where you share ideas with like-minded individuals. A program doesn’t necessarily have to be labelled as “confidence boosting.”


Joining clubs can be the easiest form of joining a program that can help increase your self-esteem. The reason being clubs are usually governed by rules that ensure the health and wellness of its members. As long as you put yourself in a positive environment, you’ll slowly but surely feel much better about yourself. This is the key towards building up your confidence.


Programs can also be found in articles, action-plans, activities, videos, and workshops found online. The internet gives you virtually unlimited access to resources at your fingertips. There’s a whole list of self-esteem groups that can be found within the Greater Vancouver Area.


You’ll notice that joining programs change the type of input you get. Self-esteem programs can help you spend less time with people who can have a negative influence on you.


Speaking to a counsellor can also help. Although these sessions are usually one on one, they can help identify what it is that’s really bothering you. Seeking for a program will be much easier once you’ve found the root of your low self-esteem.


Supplementing professional treatment with books, blogs, websites, or podcasts can assist you on your road to healing.





Hopefully this article has helped you recognize the overall benefits of joining confidence boosting programs. The important thing is to go at your own pace – it’s not a race. Keep reading articles, listening to podcasts, and speaking with positive people. Building on your self-esteem can be tough, but with the help of others you will eventually regain the pieces you feel you may have lost.


We all recover, heal, and build ourselves back up differently. If you feel that taking the next step is right for you – consult with your nearest clinical counsellor. They will be able to point you in the right direction towards finding a program that’s right for you.


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